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Rocca death is tragic face of financial meltdown

During the Great Depression in the 1930s -- after the Wall Street collapse -- many businessmen who lost their empires responded in a tragic fashion.

Sadly, the same appears to be the case in the fallout from the Celtic Tiger boom, which appears to have claimed the life of the highly respected businessman Patrick Rocca.

His passing represents the human cost of the months and months of bad economic news and plummeting financial figures.

Rocca was the embodiment of the success of the Celtic Tiger economy. A man who had everything.

The scion of the Rocca dynasty, married to a socialite, he lived in a mansion in Dublin with his family, and holidayed at a villa in Marbella.

They lived the lifestyle of rock stars, partying with the likes of Van Morrison and Uri Geller.

To the outsider, Rocca appeared to have everything, but the dark clouds of recession were looming.

There are reports that some of Rocca's investments collapsed in recent months, and he may have lost money after the crisis at Anglo Irish Bank.

His death is a massive tragedy for his family, and shows the rest of us the human side of the financial meltdown.

Many people are currently facing financial difficulties, but I would pray that anyone affected would see the light at the end of the tunnel and not take the tragic path of Patrick Rocca.