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Modern Christmas lacks the joy of yore

LWe had Black Friday last week. This week it was Cyber Monday. I'm not quite sure what all this has to do with events in a manger in Bethlehem 2,000 years ago but maybe I'm just behind the times. Millions of euro were spent by shoppers on both of these days, in pre-Christmas sales. But not a cent of that was spent by me. This seasonal splurge is all a far cry from my youth. Reading about it all I thought back to when I was a 10-year-old, travelling with my mother to Dublin on December 8 for the annual country person's day of shopping. I remember being spellbound by the display in Clery's window and having a treat in a local cafe. I recall walking up Grafton Street with my mother, a less illuminated place then than it is now, but nonetheless so exciting for a young boy from Listowel. I was dizzy from all the sights and sounds as I travelled home. Amid all the cyber sales and rushing I wonder will today's 10-year-olds look back in years to come and have similar fond memories? I hope so, but I sometimes doubt it.