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Louis still has X Factor, even if he hasn't got the job


Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh

IS he gone or isn't he? In recent days speculation has mounted that X Factor boss Simon Cowell has dispensed with the services of Louis Walsh.

Louis' friends have been rallying around to dismiss these rumours, of course. On the grapevine his supporters are saying that he and Simon are still as thick as thieves.

Mind you, Louis (above) himself added to the speculation in a recent interview on TV3 when he suggested that Cowell wanted new faces on the show.

I'll admit to watching The X Factor on occasion - and it's clear to me that Louis is a well-liked and respected judge on the show.

Personally, I think this canny and shrewd Mayo man will feature on The X Factor for a few seasons yet.

But one way or another, I doubt if it would worry him if he got the shove - Louis always seems to have another project on the go.