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Like most sport fans, I've been converted

LAs you read this Ireland will be about to line out against England in rugby World Cup semi-final - or they may have beaten them.
 Ireland's women's rugby team, of course. Last week they won a historic victory over New Zealand in the tournament. We finally recorded a victory over the Kiwis and it was the ladies and not the men who chalked it up. 
 The win was all the more impressive as the New Zealand team have won the World Cup four times. To crown this historic victory, the Irish ladies went on to beat Kazakhstan to secure a place in the semi finals.
 I have to confess the unbelievable success of this magnificent team has changed forever my previous, rather chauvinistic view of women's rugby. 
 I was one of the doubters but now I stand in awe at their achievement and salute their courage and skill. 
 The whole country is proud of our girls in green. The wishes and hopes of the nation are with them now to jump the final hurdle and lift the trophy. We'll be ready with the flags and bonfires!