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Q WHEN'S Ronan Keating going to grow up? Every time I read another story about his marriage -- or its collapse -- I see him out dressed like a teenager spinning round on a Harley-Davidson.

If the allegations of having an affair with one of your backing dancers wasn't suggestion enough of a mid-life crisis, then looking like a poor man's Marlon Brando certainly is.

Because roaring around Malahide like a goon for the cameras sends out a message alright -- It says that you're spoilt and immature. Something that was in evidence by his conduct during his marriage.

Keating's behaviour has contrasted deeply with the obvious decency and kindness of his wife Yvonne.

She did her best to keep her marriage alive despite her wandering husband dealing it a mortal blow. She will emerge with her dignity intact, unlike her husband, who's come out of this badly.

Mind you, he's now free to indulge his habit for backstage talent. But repairing his PR image might be difficult at this stage.

I can't see any such difficulties for his wife, who has the looks and grace to relaunch a career of her own at this stage. Mark my words, we will be seeing plenty more of the former Mrs Keating in future. As for Ronan, I've one piece of advice: It's time to drop the Grease look -- and grow up.