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Is would-be strangler Waters just after publicity?

HMMM. How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Or in this case how do you describe hairy monster, John Waters?

Em, earnest and perhaps morose, I guess are the nicest descriptions.

With his doleful countenance, he's struck me as a man struggling to carry the weight of the world, and his fellow man's sins, on his shoulders. Good on you, lad.

But I'd never have had him as a potential killer, as he has just admitted.

I was shocked to read his comments on the Celine Cawley murder trial, where he made an admission of a dark secret he had been harbouring.

Dragging readers into his personal Twilight Zone, John recalled an incident when he "tried to kill a guy, or at least I think that is what happened".

Why he chose to reveal this to the world at this stage amazes me but he was clearly musing that 'there but for the grace of God go I'.

He also admitted that, unless others were around, he could have strangled his 'victim'.

Some might laud John's honesty, given that he's put himself in line for a possible call from the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

But, personally, I think the whole thing is less a confession, or a soul-searching examination, and more an old-fashioned publicity stunt.