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Irish men can take advice from Liz

VLiZ Hurley was in the headlines this week, speaking openly on the issue of breast cancer to help raise awareness of the illness. The actress told how her grandmother died from breast cancer but could have been saved had she sought treatment sooner. Describing the era as the 'dark ages' for cancer awareness Hurley said: "My grandmother didn't really speak about it at all, when she found her lump she was too scared to tell the doctor, she didn't know anything about breast cancer."

Her comments got me thinking - wouldn't this be similar to the reaction of many Irish men, nowadays? Because despite all we know about the need to check, men here are still far slower to look after their health. As usual it's taken a woman, in this case Ms Hurley, to show us men the way. We should take a leaf out of Liz's book and not be afraid to speak out openly about what's still a taboo subject for Irish men - prostate and testicular cancer. The old adage "a stitch in time" was never more true. Early diagnosis is a life saver. Don't be shy lads, your life may depend on it.