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Imelda's all that's best about Liberties

rDublin's top songbird and all-round musical sensation Imelda May is one of my favourite entertainers. My admiration for her has only been enhanced after reading that she has come out publicly and praised Dublin's south inner city, - more specifically, The Liberties - where she was born. Imelda's often proclaimed that she's proud to a Liberties girl - well, she should be. In my own career as a detective in Dublin I too found The Liberties an extraordinary place, full of warm-hearted kind people and characters - all that you need to maintain a warm and vibrant city neighbourhood. It's also one of the oldest areas of the capital and has a long, long history in terms of trade. Nowadays it's one of the most vibrant parts of Dublin, full of traders, students and tourists. I'm delighted that Imelda has once again come out publicly and voiced her love for the area and her admiration for the people there. If this area ever appoints an ambassador I can think of few better candidates.