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bWHERE'S ENDA? I turned on Prime Time last night for a debate on the Seanad and there was no sign of our Taoiseach.

Where was he? Why was not he not out banging the drum for his own abolition proposal?

I am in favour of abolishing the Seanad and will be voting Yes on Friday.

But I find it hard to understand the reasoning behind our Taoiseach's decision not to go on the public airwaves to debate a move he himself proposed.

Instead of stepping out and making his case to the viewing public he instead hid behind a party colleague? It was pathetic.


If you can't stand the cut and thrust of political debate why are you involved in politics?

Kenny is asking us to make a hugely momentous change to our political system.

And yet he refused to engage in a TV debate on the matter with Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin.

Is our Taoiseach to be taken seriously, then? How can he propose something and not stand over it?

His refusal to debate this most important issue is contemptible, if not insulting to voters being asked to attend the polls this Friday.

Why should we turn up to vote if Mr Kenny can't be bothered to turn up to debate?