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Herald's George was a great Dub, let's toast him

Many Herald readers may not have known George Byrne personally - but they certainly knew him from the pages of this paper.

A lot of tributes were written about him after he passed away, at just 56, two months ago.

People wrote and spoke of George (above) the musician, the interviewer, the movie critic.

But to many, George was also a quintessential Dub. Born and bred in the Liberties he was all that the great people of that area are - strong-minded, loyal and possessed of a good (and sharp) sense of humour.

On Friday week, June 26, a tribute show is taking place at Whelans in George's memory. Something Happens! and The Blades' Paul Cleary, among others, will perform.

It's €20 a ticket and proceeds will go to a local Liberties' charity. It's a great cause, and a fitting way to remember the man.