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Good luck to Joan of Labour, she'll need it

WHAT an extraordinary turnabout. Support for the Labour Party has doubled since Joan Burton took over the leadership from Eamon Gilmore.

In remarkable resurgence, support for the party has soared to 14pc, from 7pc last May.

What's more, Burton is now second only to the Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams as the most popular party leader in the country. This so-called 'Burton bounce' has been a tremendous boost for a party that was seen by many political pundits as on its last legs just a few months ago.


So at the 11th hour, Joan of Labour, the party's equivalent of the legendary Maid of Orleans, has come galloping in on her white charge to save the day.

Hardened political junkies will remind you that it's still a while until the next election, and bounces that go up, also come down.

Despite this, it's clear that with Pat Rabbitte and Eamon Gilmore having been put out to pasture the last rump of the old Democratic Left support is weakened.

Labour under Burton's stewardship is out of ICU and off life support. Let me say here I am not, nor have I ever have been, a Labour supporter.

However, I have always admired the honesty, integrity and sincerity to the cause of the ordinary worker by Joan Burton. I am glad that her hard work and commitment to the cares and concerns of ordinary working people have been recognised and rewarded.

Good luck for the future Joan - you'll need it.