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Gerry O'Carroll: So, after 15 years, King Scum leaves prison a pathetic, broken old man

ANYONE who believes crime pays should go to the gate of Mountjoy Prison next Saturday morning.

One of my old nemeses -- Tony Felloni -- will be released after serving 15 years of a drugs sentence.

Felloni has spent much of his life behind bars. He was despised even by his own criminal colleagues, who christened him 'King Scum'.

When I was a young recruit, I remember hearing of him. Before hard drugs hit the city his stock in trade was the targeting of young women.

Fellon would befriend young country-women at Heuston Station, seduce, photograph and then blackmail them. Then when heroin came in the 1970s, Felloni, ever the opportunist, became a major dealer. He destroyed the lives of hundreds of people, entire families in fact. When Felloni walks out the prison gate, he will do so as a pathetic, broken old man, returning to a city he will not recognise.

His prospects remind me of the character of Brooks in The Shawshank Redemption, who encounters a friendless world when he leaves, and eventually commits suicide, such is his sense of isolation.

Crime doesn't pay.

. . what about Orangeman Marcus Sweeney?

ENOUGH on Shinners what about the Orangemen?

I believed things couldn't get worse, but then I read about the return of the permatanned Celtic Tiger oompa loompa Marcus Sweeney.

Last seen lurking around Dubai, Katy French's unctuous ex is now planning to return to Dublin it seems.

Apparently he's working on a website to showcase NAMA properties. The attentions of a failed restaurateur are the last thing our ailing property market needs.

Would you buy a house from this man?

Now, how about woman umpires at GAA matches?

YOU can take the boys out of the locker room, but not the locker room out of the boys.

Those were my thoughts on hearing the sexist remarks of sacked Sky Sports pundit Andy Gray and his colleague Richard Keys about female assistant referee Sian Massey, left.

The irony is that, despite the comments made by these morons about women and the offside rule, Ms Massey made a correct high-pressure offside call.

Soccer is a testosterone-fuelled game, just look at its attitude to gay players. Is it any wonder that no gay footballers have come out in years? I'm not suggesting that Gray and Keys are homophobic but their attitude smacks of macho intolerance.

We're not immune from this in Ireland. Cork hurler Donal Og Cusack received verbal abuse from supporters when he came out. But at least he felt comfortable enough to do so, which reflects well on the GAA. Indeed I wonder what the reaction would be to female umpires or match officials in All-Ireland finals?