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Gerry O'Carroll: Ryan needs to learn from Gerry and Pat

I LIKE Ryan Tubridy. I've even appeared on his Late Late Show twice (once for the dry run for the opening series). Essentially he's a good egg.

But sometimes he leaves me wondering.

Ryan's in showbiz but often appears to know nothing at all about the business.

I can totally understand his appeal for privacy. A break-up of any kind is hard to do. He's asked the media to back off and I understand where he's coming from.

At the same time, he's the guy on the radio show asking the personal questions and when you're on the couch on the Late Late Show he has no problem prying himself.

That's the huge dilemma, isn't it?

What's good for the goose is not for the gander.

Ryan's attitude to the written media doesn't help either. Many journalists feel the private school educated south county boy is condescending to them. Believe me, not a good idea Ryan.

My advice is follow the guys who went before. Gerry Ryan, Pat Kenny, Gaybo, hell even Marty Whelan. They've all understood showbiz and played the game.

They understand the media business inside out because they are part of it.

Perhaps it's because Ryan's rise to the top as been pretty effortless that he doesn't understand showbiz completely.

If Ryan wants complete privacy then he could take up a research fellowship in Harvard - with a lot less money.

But he's good at his job and we'd miss him. He's just got to grow up a little.

Get rid of Enda before he can do any more damage

If it was raining soup, Fine Gael leader Enda would surely be out with a fork.

This government is on its knees. Brian Cowen's reputation at home and abroad is in tatters.

In fact you could say Cowen is a national disgrace.

Finance Minister Brian Lenihan appears to be the only hand awake at the wheel.

And do you know what? Despite all this the public still regard Enda Kenny as a bit of a twat.

Maybe it's the cringing twee he comes out with which makes you want to get sick.

Wounded by the assault on him by his own brightest young guns, Kenny is now coming out fighting. He's trying to come across as Fine Gael's version of FF's bootboy Dermot Ahern.

Well, between me and you Enda, it's been a catastrophe.

I couldn't help thinking that while Enda was saying Education Minister Mary Coughlan should stay home from the US that Kenny himself was still stuck down in Co Mayo.

Nothing wrong with that really - but you'd expect after his own long summer holidays he'd been back in Leinster House devising a plan to take the place by storm.

You certainly didn't expect to see him outside his constituency clinic on a Monday afternoon talking to the Six One News.

As bad as Oliver Callan's depiction of Brian Cowen is, I'd say the Kenny gag is more damaging and probably more accurate.

Enda can't do tough guy - and remember it hasn't exactly worked for Dermot Ahern either (only 2pc of people think the slithery FF Bootboy should be the party's leader).

Enda really is a liability for the Fine Gael party. Their backwoods men did the party no favour at all in shoring up his leadership against the onslaught by Richard Bruton.

Not that I think Bruton is the answer either. But certainly Brian Hayes and Simon Coveney would have presented a far better alternative to the electorate.

Now Labour are in the ascendancy - and who says that's a bad thing.

By keeping behind the scenes, Eamon Gilmore has put himself forward as the most popular party leader in the eyes of the public.

And he does not exactly have a glittering array of talent on his frontbench. Many are elderly and less than slick. Joan Burton is by far the brightest and Liz McManus will be a big loss.

But at least Gilmore comes across as in control.

And that's probably where we feel most let down by Kenny.

He does not appear strong or in control or, should I say, a born leader.

He appears to be taking his nod from unelected advisers - who should have got the door many moons ago after a host of disasters and been replaced with some real talent.

We yearn for change. We all pretty much want Cowen out.

But Kenny is the only one who can make a prime minister described by the world's top chatshow host as a "drunken moron" look good.

Bird might ruffle a few feathers in Dail return

I NEVER thought I'd find myself saying it but I was happy to see Charlie Bird back in Leinster House this week.

Charlie looks very dapper nowadays - a tip which could be followed by the hapless Enda Kenny.

The Bird also appears more at ease with himself with less of the megaphone journalism.

It was never going to be easy for former chief news correspondent Charlie to return to the sedate surroundings of Montrose after his time in Washington, no matter how lonely he felt on the other side of the pond.

After all, when he took the Washington job, he no doubt cleared the way for other ambitious reporters to take his place.


Now he's back in the fold, and appears to be hungrily feeding on the latest political debacle, producing hysterical reports, live and loud from Government buildings.

Here's to a return to the sense of drama that only Charlie could bring to the big political stories.

And God knows we need somebody on the Leinster House plinth who'll put the fear of God into the fools who inhabit that building.

A lucky day for stars and fans of TV3

I’M relieved to hear that a golden generation of our favourite TV3 stars escaped injury after being involved in a bus crash in Italy at the weekend. It would have been a horrifying end to the wedding of top producer Debbie O’Donnell if anyone had come to harm.

Luckily for TV fans, the faces we know and love, including Sybil Mulcahy, Karen Koster, Sinead Desmond and Martin King, got home safely.