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Gerry O'Carroll: Ronan a selfish git. But he still loves Yvonne

I WOULD advise that now is a time for cool heads in the Keating household.

Those three children are more important than their father's insatiable lust, or their poor mother's pride, and God knows, Yvonne must be feeling utterly rejected.

Despite the grubbiness of Ronan Keating's alleged behaviour, I want to add my tuppence worth to the speculation because I believe this is one marriage that is really worth saving.

It appears Ronan was let down by that enemy of romance, the illicit affair. Yvonne discovered he had a second mobile phone that contained messages linking him to dancer Francine Cornell.

This nubile woman is just 26 and looks like a younger version of Yvonne.

Yet no matter how beautiful she is, it's upsetting to think that Ronan Keating could risk a solid marriage for an affair. This is a man who cultivated an image as a devoted husband and family man.

He and Yvonne seemed to have the perfect marriage and lifestyle, with a massive mansion, a fat bank account, three beautiful kids and legions of adoring fans.

Alas, it seems that his selfishness has brought shame and humiliation on his lovely wife. Ronan now faces the stark reality that his marriage could be doomed, causing agony and suffering for his family.

A few commentators have dared to draw comparisons with the case of Tiger Woods. I firmly believe those comparisons don't hold water.

Ronan, for all his faults, does not appear to be the serial adulterer type. He is a devoted father and is now paying a high price for one mistake.

Yet the real victims here are Yvonne and her three children. And the only way out of this mess is for Ronan to accept full responsibility for any wrongdoing. It would appear from his recent country-hopping that he is desperately trying to heal the rift in their marriage.

He seems genuinely contrite and sorrowful. No doubt, he must be weighed down with guilt at the prospect of being branded a love-cheat.

I'm sure he is doing everything possible to make amends, a task that is even more difficult under the glare of publicity.

Throughout this humiliation, Yvonne has behaved with extraordinary dignity. I'm sure there is a chorus of voices in her ear telling her not to take Ronan back.

Adding to the stress is the rumour that Francine has sold her story to a tabloid newspaper for £100,000 and is set to expose the intimate details of the alleged affair.


Those revelations could spell the death-knell to any hope of repairing the marriage. Even so, I can't rush to judgment against Ronan. He has fallen, like many a man before him, and many after him.

Yet I still believe he genuinely adores his wife. He even refers to her as his rock.

It is always a tragedy when a marriage fails, and we've all seen the consequences for children. This is why I would urge Yvonne to look deep within her heart and find the courage to forgive her husband.

It might take years, and it could be a long and rocky road, but divorce is rarely the panacea of the ills of marriage.

Yvonne and Ronan have worked hard to sustain a 12-year marriage. Surely that is a relationship of which they can be proud, and one that does not deserve to be cast aside so quickly.

Kathryn's awards crack was a badly needed dose of humour for a pair of uptight stars

IT was billed as the biggest showdown since Muhammad Ali met Sonny Liston.

I'm referring of course to the meeting between model Rosanna Davison and presenter Glenda Gilson. The pair have not spoken since Rosanna went on a jaunt to Marrakesh with Johnny Ronan, shortly after his break-up with Glenda. And when both turned up at the TVNow Awards last weekend, rumours abounded that skin and hair would fly.

Instead, the drama came from feisty Kathryn Thomas, who couldn't resist taking a pop at the two girls.

Referencing the fact that her long-running show No Frontiers has come to an end, she quipped that she would have to turn to Johnny Ronan for the occasional overseas jaunt. She insists it was an off-the-cuff remark. I believe you Kathryn -- thousands wouldn't.

Of course, her comment was met with a stony silence by Rosanna. Glenda claimed she didn't hear it.

I think it was a badly needed joke for this high-profile pair. Kathryn could teach you both a lesson. Stop taking things so seriously.

Hellraiser Gogarty? Don't make me laugh

GREEN TD Paul Gogarty might pride himself on being something of a hellraiser in the Dail, but he's no match for his predecessors. If he thinks he's something of a maverick for using unparliamentary language in the Dail, he should consider the fact that TDs 60 years ago settled their differences with a physical fight.

Some months ago, Gogarty, below, caused gasps of shock and awe when he targeted Labour TD Emmet Stagg and remarked "f*** you". It certainly upset some elder lemons in the august surroundings of the Dail and necessitated an investigation by the Dail committee on procedure and privileges.

After extensive debate, the committee has decided that Gogarty will not be sanctioned as he had the grace to apologise immediately after making his remarks.

What made me laugh was the fact that, in 2010, members of the Dail could be so shocked and outraged by the use of the F-word. That language slides around in our vernacular like snuff at a wake and drips from the lips of almost every citizen in this country on a daily basis.

However, what really amused me about the Dail committee is the fact that it made its decision based on a precedent set following a bust-up in the chambers in 1947.

Back then, Fine Gael's James Coburn and Fianna Fail's Michael Kennedy traded insults across the floor before Coburn told Kennedy to "come outside". The two gentlemen left the chambers and were observed having a physical fight.

After honour was served, they returned to the chamber, they all shook hands and there was sweetness and light again.

Mind you, this was handbags at dawn compared with the shenanigans at the Grattan parliament in St Stephen's Green when, in one infamous case, the great Daniel O'Connell challenged an MP to a duel. The other man died from his injuries and O'Connell was so filled with remorse that he always wore a white glove to signify that he had taken a man's life. My, how times have changed. Gogarty, you certainly got away lightly.