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Dunne's Green Card bid is no American dream

J I WAS hopping mad when I read that failed developer and erstwhile 'Baron of Ballsbridge', Sean Dunne, has applied for a Green Card to gain permanent residency in the United States.

Canny Sean has employed the services of none other than Bruce Morrison, no less, the former Congressman who pioneered the Morrison Visa plan in the 1980s.

Mr Dunne can well afford such esteemed representation, I'm sure. After all, this is the man who once gave his wife, former gossip reporter Gayle Killilea, €100m in return for her "love and affection".

Sean Dunne is bankrupt mind you, but when did that stop an Irish developer's career plans?

There's a great irony behind Mr Dunne's move. His Green Card application stands in contrast to the thousands of illegal Irish construction workers in the US, many of whom found themselves there as a result of a property crash caused in part by the reckless decisions of developers like Mr Dunne.

They are exiled, unable to travel home for Christmas or family funerals. Mr Dunne is a very different exile, one of his own choosing, who says he can't see his future in Ireland.

Will he get his Green Card? Who knows. If he does though it will be yet another insult to ordinary working people who are paying the cost of the property crash daily both here and – undocumented – on building sites in places like New York.

As the old song goes: oh dear me, the world is ill-divided.