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Don't preach to us about greed, Padraig

a THE brass neck award of 2013 must surely go to Padraig Flynn, the former Fianna Fail minister.

Last Sunday, in an act of breath-taking hypocrisy, this pompous old fool had the gall to stand in front of a congregation in a packed church in Castlebar and conduct a reading about the evils of money.

This is the same disgraced politician who the Mahon Tribunal found had wrongly sought donations from the builder Tom Gilmartin.

The tribunal found Gilmartin had not committed any wrongdoing but that Mr Flynn had coerced €50k from the builder to help him iron out difficulties in the Liffey Valley Shopping Centre that he was building.

Mr Flynn used that payment corruptly for his own personal use and to purchase a farm for his wife.

This is the same odious individual who overnight became a nationwide laughing stock because of his insensitive and arrogant remarks on the Late Late Show.

During that interview, Flynn joked that he had three properties to maintain and sneered – yes, sneered – that it was not easy to run all three on his enormous salary and pension.

It was a grossly inappropriate boast and this – coupled with his smug, self-satisfied and conceited manner – infuriated and appalled many, many people across the country.

Small wonder then, that many in the congregation last Sunday were disgusted and sickened at having to listen this arrogant, preening peacock.

I cannot even guess what in the name of God prompted the parish priest in Castlebar to allow this disgraced to read the 'Word of God' at the holy Mass.

I bet the PP now regrets his decision and the controversy he has stirred up.