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Costly few pints for Robbie but best of luck with Bhoys

MANY'S the young man who has come a cropper up in Copper's.

But being shifted out of your job for one night on the tear might seem a bit harsh on Ireland striker Robbie Keane.

The hangover from his recent night out at the popular Dublin club -- which he visited without telling Spurs boss Harry Redknapp -- seems to have landed him with a loan deal away from the captain's role in London and up to Glasgow Celtic for a few months.

Robbie was persona non grata since his night out on Harcourt Street -- an expensive few pints indeed.

But whatever about a few sneaky jars away from the boss, it's nothing compared to the away-from-home antics of serial love rat John Terry.

Unlike Terry, who has split the opinion of English fans, Ireland is proud of Robbie.

Best of luck to the Tallaght boy in Celtic Park.