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Bertie and Brian should avoid angry public

aBERTIE swans around town on the retirement circuit and is available for speeches.

Brian is reportedly set to launch a management consultancy business. Aren't two of our finest ex-Taoisigh doing well for themselves?

It's almost as if they left office as two great political leaders – instead of two men who presided over a ruinous downturn in our economy and the loss of our sovereignty. Bertie's performance in office came back to haunt him last Friday night when he was attacked by a crutch-wielding man in a bar.


There are no reports of anyone wielding anything at Brian Cowen yet, but he would have good cause to be worried after what happened to his old boss.

There have been calls in some quarters to reinstate personal security to our ex-Taoisigh after the Bertie bar incident. I've an easier solution. They should just stay away from public places.

Then punters wouldn't have to see them and Brian and Bertie themselves wouldn't risk being confronted by angry punters.

So, just go away lads. Problem solved.