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GAA find it's good to talk Mulvey made for Limerick

The revamped GAA website was last week launched at a glitzy Croke Park presentation, where there was much talk of a "modern, dynamic organisation" and the need to be relevant in this interactive age of Twitter and Facebook.

"I hope to bring the GAA into this whole communication era because we need to be there," declared former GAA president Nickey Brennan, in his role as IT committee chairperson.

Very true.

But, in this particular case, there hasn't been enough communication. Now, has anyone got Bob Hoskins' number?

Mulvey made for Limerick

IT'S over two years since Kieran Mulvey of the Labour Relations Commission was prevailed upon to try and mediate a resolution to the Cork players' strike (chapter two of three).

Trying to sort out that particular morass has obviously stood the LRC chief in good stead, judging from the draft agreement on public sector pay and reform which Mulvey has just brokered at a venue where peace and tranquillity always prevails -- Croke Park!

Proof that even the most intractable rows can be resolved -- so long as you're not from Limerick.