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Dublin chiefs to push for eight team hurling league

THE Dublin county board will be lobbying for an enlarged eight-team top-flight when Central Council discusses what format to adopt for the 2014 Allianz Hurling League.

But Dublin chiefs face an uphill battle, given that influential committees will be pushing for a retention of the status quo option, with six teams in the top-tier Division 1A and six more in Division 1B.

"We will be going for the eight-team league," Dublin chairman Andy Kettle confirmed. "I have spoken on that on quite a few occasions, at Central Council and at any forum I could."

But he then revealed: "I saw the agenda for the next Central Council (meeting) and my understanding is that the Central CCC, the fixtures planners, and the Hurling Development Committee are recommending the six-team league.

"At the last Central Council meeting, most of the top-tier teams supported an eight-team (division), so what happens is ... it's democracy and it's not democracy to a certain extent because you will have people voting at Central Council on this proposal and it doesn't really affect their county teams. But that's the nature of the organisation and whatever happens, happens."

Anthony Daly's Dublin senior hurlers begin their 2013 programme with the annual Evening Herald/Dublin Bus Dubs Stars challenge -- this New Year's Day it takes place in St Peregrine's club, Blakestown Road, Dublin 15.