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Daly urges review of refereeing standards

ANTHONY DALY has called on the GAA authorities to review how hurling is now being refereed after his Dublin side finished with 13 men against Galway.

But while Daly voiced his obvious displeasure at the latest red card brandished to Ryan O'Dwyer, the Clareman was even more animated by what Westmeath referee Barry Kelly let go during yesterday's drawn relegation play-off in Tullamore.

One of the game's most high-profile referees certainly belonged in the 'let it flow' camp here, to the consternation of the Dublin boss.

"Some of the decisions were just hard to believe - fellas with the hurley wrapped around them after catching a high ball and play on. Where's your advantage?" asked a clearly exasperated Daly.

"I just think somebody needs to sit down and have a look at this thing. Congress is over for this year but, my God, some of the stuff that was going on out there.

"I'm not saying he was favouring either team; but some of the tackles there, if it was in my day it would be ... it's unbelievable."


Asked why this might be so, Daly replied: "You are seen as if you are ruining it if you do. There are frees. Liam Rushe in the first half, how many times consecutively was he fouled?"

Kelly's alleged leniency during normal time was followed by a crackdown in extra-time, as O'Dwyer (following an off-the-ball incident) and Alan McCrabbe (for catching David Collins across the hand) both received straight reds.

On the O'Dwyer flashpoint, Daly said: "They both gave a little dint at each other as far as I could see, but the linesman in front of me said he only saw the second one.

"Fellas just don't turn around and dunt fellas with hurleys ... I don't know, it's unbelievable."

However, he accepted that the Tipperary native may have to curb his ways - this was his third sending-off in a 10-month period.

"We could do with him on the field," Daly conceded.

"It's happening too often but referees are, I'm not saying they have it in for him but he's been pulled up very often. I don't know what it is; maybe it's something we have to look at on our side as well. "

His Galway counterpart, Anthony Cunningham, was more complimentary of the referee and suggested Kelly had a "good game".

But he added: "The game is getting far more physical."