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Crofton blasts 'act of betrayal'

AN incredible row has erupted in the aftermath to Ballymun Kickhams' winning raid on Newbridge last Sunday, with Sarsfields manager John Crofton slamming the Kildare county board for allowing the Dublin champions into St Conleth's Park in advance of the match.

"It's just absolutely remarkable and such an act of betrayal actually for the officers of the county board to facilitate the opposition in what is our home venue for the club championship," Crofton is quoted as saying.

"It's not in their remit in the first instance. And it's particularly remarkable having refused us kick-around time on this field not once but three or four times," insisted Crofton.

Contacted today, Ballymun manager Paul Curran said they were "only ten minutes in the place" last Saturday week.

"We didn't train on the pitch, we didn't get on the pitch, so I don't know where the advantage was.

"What difference does it make?" Curran added.

Crofton didn't blame this for Sarsfields' six-point defeat but he did tell the Leinster Leader: "If the role was reversed and we were playing them in Parnell Park and I had the liathróidí to ring their chairman and seek to familarise ourselves and train in Parnell Park, when he'd finish laughing he'd tell me to f-off."