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Angry bosses share a spot of belly-tickling

HERE'S one for the Official Guide pedants: what category of offence does 'belly-tickling' come under and does it warrant suspension or merely a slap on the wrist -- or even stomach, boom boom?

This puzzler is prompted by the angry post-match confrontation - belly-to-belly, nose-to-nose - between Meath boss Seamus McEnaney and his Kildare counterpart Kieran McGeeney.

Straight after the final whistle, 'Banty' made a beeline up the Newbridge touchline to square up to 'Geezer'.

Suffice to say, the subsequent 'contact' did not involve a gentlemanly handshake but, as for describing it, McGeeney obligingly came to the rescue.

"I'd be annoyed with myself. You have to have a bit discipline on the sideline as well as on the pitch. I don't know - it was more tickling bellies than anything else," the Lilywhite chief suggested.

McEnaney was happy to gloss over the flashpoint, merely saying: "The two of us disagreed over a couple of decisions that the referee made but, sure listen, that's life - spur of the moment, we'll move on from things like that."

Marty Duffy seemed to attract the ire of both camps with some contentious late calls. McEnaney's fury was there for all to see when Duffy decided to throw the ball up instead of punishing a prostrate Ronan Sweeney for over-holding.

While privately seething with the Sligo whistler, the Meath boss chose his words carefully: "There was a decision or two at the end but I have enough things to worry about in my own dressing-room before worrying about the problems that Marty Duffy had."