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Nobody epitomised the Celtic Tiger years quite like Christian and Simon Stokes. Their ridiculously named Bang restaurant was the favoured eating house of the brash young Celtic cubs.

Puffed up by the apparent success of Bang they branched out into the Residence "gentleman's club".

Those of us who wondered if it was all smoke and mirrors had our suspicions confirmed when Bang went crash, bang, wallop last year.

Nemesis is now at hand for the brothers. The High Court heard that between them they spent €146,000 of Bang's money in just 18 months.

Among the items of expenditure were thousands by Simon at the Gucci Store in New York and thousands more at the Maroma Resort & Spa in the Caribbean. They also stung the taxman for €470,000.

Quite clearly these guys were living high on the hog while their business was going down the plughole. It's a basic principle of company law that you can't get your own money mixed up with the company's money.

This is something that the Stokes brothers seem to have forgotten.

Mayfair Properties, the company which operated Bang, is seeking to have pair banned from the management of any company.

Quite clearly the Stokes brothers' problems are only just beginning.