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Colin's SON puzzled BY dad's fame ... THAT MAKES TWO OF US

JColin Farrell has revealed that his two sons don't know he is an actor. Talking to Hello! Magazine, Farrell let it be known that his children don't understand why he appears on chat shows on TV.

"Henry saw me on the TV screen once and he went, 'what are you doing there?'" But perhaps his confusion is down to the endless stream of dross that Farrell has appeared in during the past 10 years.

Without a box office hit since Phone Booth 11 years ago, and in the papers these days mostly because of his love life, what exactly Farrell does to be so revered is a mystery to more than just Henry.

JThe Voice of Ireland live shows began last night, and a newspaper presented a preview of the final 24 contestants.

The Voice, you will remember, is different to other talent shows in that it is all about talent, nothing to do with image, and eschews the heart-tugging back stories favoured by superficial shows such as the X Factor.

So out of the 24 contestants, here's what is revealed. Three are performing in memory of a lost relative, two to overcome a serious accident or illness, while another was doing it to send money back to her family in the Philippines.

And, in another newspaper, the last of these people, Daisy Valenzuela, told her heart-wrenching story of escaping the slums of Manila. Six out of 24, with heart-tugging back stories. Yep, it's genuinely heart-wrenching...