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Colette Fitzpatrick: There's no match for a Casillas kiss

Viva Espana. How many times can you watch Prince Charming Iker Casillas kiss his TV reporter girlfriend on live TV before you become creepy, stalker girl?

The Spanish goalkeeper was giving Sara Carbanero an interview after lifting the World Cup trophy last Sunday night. He chokes up after thanking his loved ones and she offers him time to compose himself. Then he also includes Sara ("and you") and just goes it for it on live television -- grabs her and kisses her. He just couldn't help himself.

Is there anything sexier than the way his hand lingers around her neck at the end before he takes off? And this after he gets emotional about his family and what the win means for him.

The kiss sort of gave me the same feeling as the scene in Jerry Maguire where he realises he misses his wife, runs home to tell her, then she responds, "you had me at hello". Iker, you had me at 'Ola.' This was a sweeter, more realistic version of that moment; where triumph in sport was made even better by having someone to share it with.

Sara has been voted the sexiest presenter in the world and after their first match defeat, tackled Casillas on live TV. "How did you muck that up?", was her opening gambit after Switzerland beat Spain, 1-0.

FYI, there are lots of post-match shots floating about the net, especially in the Spanish dressing room where Casillas and co are shirtless and sweaty.

But it's the kiss that will get your heart rate up.

Let's just hope it doesn't set a precedent for all post-football match interviews. What would Trevor Welsh do if he got a smacker from a goalie?

Let's just have another look. It doesn't matter if you can't speak Spanish. You will so get it. Go to http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=A25UiaD1H-I

The secret of app-iness is not on your phone

There must be an app to help me write this piece. There has to be. There's an app for just about everything and anything you'd ever need to, or dream of doing. And thousands of worthless, fun apps.

There are apps to help you pick up women, such as Pickup Pro and Pickup Line Generator. Tip. Having these type of apps might actually repel women. You may as well put your index finger and thumb up to your forehead and make an L shape. What are the chat up lines? 'Show us your apps, love?'

There's an insult generator app. I sense the suggestions in the pick up apps could moonlight as recommendations here.


There's a NASA app. (Where no apps have gone before.)

There's an app to show you what you'd look like if you were fatter. Fatbooth supersizes your face. Handy, if you're tired of dieting and want a fat makeover. Or if you didn't feel like looking into the back of a spoon. How to feel better about your current self in one easy tap and slide movement.

Why hasn't someone developed a slimming app? Skinnybooth -- the app that minuses away a chin here, a roll there. It could be motivation to show you how you could look if you showed some self restraint the next time you went out for dinner/went to the fridge/ woke up in the morning.

There's an app to age you; Agingbooth. (Just in case you don't have kids, a stressful job, a mortgage and don't smoke 20 ciggies a day.) This one isn't as hilarious as Fatbooth because it shows you what you will look like with the passage of time. And that's an ugly, heavy drug-using, senior version of yourself. Liver spots, crow's feet, wrinkles, greying hair, thinning lips and drooping eyebrows are all included. Where's my sunscreen?

There are some genuinely dead handy apps. Ever missed your stop on a train or a bus because you nodded off? Just plug in your destination and the Sleepy Traveller app will sound the alarm when you're close to the arrival point.

Heard a song on the radio that gets stuck in your head over and over again but you can never catch the name and artist? Open the Shazam app, hold the phone to the speakers, or anywhere in the vicinity and within seconds you'll get all the info about the song.

There's a torch app. A must if you happen to be plunged into darkness, A barcode scanner which will tell you whether you can buy a product over the net and at what price. An app to help you sleep. (Turn off your phone.) And the app that no self-respecting DIY buff can be without -- a sprit level.

No app has yet been developed for sad, lonely nerds who do nothing but play with their phone all day long.