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Colette Fitzpatrick: Mary, why did you go and spoil it by saying you might lose a few pounds?

I BET you didn't know that Mary Mitchell O'Connor campaigns for the eviction of men who beat their wives.

She has led campaigns to protect public amenities in Dun Laoghaire, including public access to the sea front and to prevent the famous baths being bought up by private companies.

You know her as the woman who was pejoratively labelled 'Miss Piggy' by Mick Wallace this week, and previously as the Dail deputy who drove across the plinth.


Now we all know more about her. Mary took to the airwaves to speak out on what happened -- but for me she missed a golden opportunity.

If you do agree to do interviews, at least think about what you want to say and the message you want to give to other women and girls in a world that consistently judges them on how they look; in a world where eating disorders are increasing and where young women now believe that the way to succeed, to please, to be happy, is to look a certain way.

Speaking on Midday, Mary said that she always wanted to make sure that her sons respected women and girls.

But Mary also said that she decided not to wear pink on Wednesday because that would 'put it up to Mick'.

But that's not putting it up to Mick. That's bowing to his opinion.

What if you had a daughter, Mary? Would you have told her to bow to men's opinions about what she should wear? "I only have one pink dress and one pink coat, it's not like I have a wardrobe of pink," she also said.

Mary, you don't have to defend and explain the fact that you only have one pink coat. You can have as many as you like. More pink coats than Mick has pink shirts, if you so please.

Earlier on radio, Mary said: "I heard that in one of the photographs, that I did look really big in it. And I am going to work on that ... I think I'll lose a few pounds over the summer and try to fit into black suits for September when we come back to Dail Eireann." Mary, are you saying that Mick had a point? Are you now going to calorie count because of what he said? That's hardly what a role model for young women should be saying.

Mary also said: "You try and look nice and you try to be intelligent.

"Sometimes it's very hard to show that you have intelligence and that you have grey matter."

It's actually not, Mary. You just open your mouth and speak. Brains and beauty aren't mutually exclusive, you know.

You do not have apologise for the way you dress, your body, the way you look, and you do not have to lose weight because of what any man said about you.

I am disappointed that Mary didn't seize this opportunity to say to women and to girls that what you look like is not the measure of you.

What you do in life, what you achieve, what changes you can make to your communities and society is what matters.

And although it is my instinct to say "but Mary you look fabulous. You really do," it's not appropriate.

Don't you see that whether you look 'fabulous' or not, doesn't matter.

Your image, your looks, how you dress, your weight, none of it matters when it comes to representing your constituents and working on those issues. That's the message we want to hear going out to our daughters and young girls.

Sorry Suri, but there's a new celeb baby in town

SURI Cruise must have thrown a spectacular tantrum.

Crimson in the face, legs pumping and fists pummeling, lobbing her heels out of her designer buggy in a great celeb baby hissy fit.

She's just been toppled off the 'most photographed little girl on the planet' list with the arrival of Harper Seven into Beckingham Palace.

Never mind all those creepy claims about gender selection -- strenuously denied by the Beckhams.

There were all those whispers that Posh was so desperate to have a little girl that when science met money, she got her wish.

Oh how they gossiped that she had every designer thing that money could buy except the baby girl she wanted so badly.

But now she has her bundle of joy.

And just imagine the pictures?

Little Harper attached to her mum's jaggedy out hips.

Her massive baby sunglasses perched on her head, her calorie counter tucked into her nappy, her stacked platforms dangling from her ankles, just to show that Suri one.

Nanny 911, we need some of your super-ing powers.

Now there's a programme idea that TV3 could really go for.

The baddest bad ass celeb babies with their parents wondering why buying them everything under the sun, but not spending any time with them, has created these diva brats.

I never bought that the 'Harper' of Harper Seven was a nod to Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mocking Bird.

Surely the only reading in the Beckham household must be of the riot act to David, for teaming the wrong sarong with the wrong sandals. It must be a nod to Harper's Bazaar, one of the best reads around, what with all those captions under all those photos of models in clothes.

Think of all the fun the headline writers will have when she makes a major baby fashion faux pas. 'Harper's Bizarre'?

She weighed seven pounds 10 ounces, you know. And the baby? What did she weigh?