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Code of conduct for 'Shag-a-luf' is a bit rich when drunk kids turn a profit

REMEMBER the TV show Ibiza Uncovered? It aired back in 1998, allowing TV audiences witness the hedonistic behaviour of young holidaymakers as they partied their socks off.

We were blown away by the drinking, the all-night partying and the determination of the boys and girls to have as much sex as they could for the week.

We never saw anything that was too offensive because only so much lewd behaviour can be shown.

Sixteen years on, what we're witnessing in the holiday resort of Magaluf makes Ibiza Uncovered seem like Fawlty Towers.

So far this year, there has been a internet clip of a girl perform a sex act on a group of boys as the crowd in a night club cheer her on.

And recently there has been another video of a guy getting naked in a night club and getting a girl to bend over a bar, while the crowd cheer him on.


The town council of Magaluf is not happy that these seedy videos are dragging down the good name of Magaluf (also known as Shag-a-luf).

They want to impose a strict code of conduct that will ... well, I'm not sure what they want to achieve.

This sort of outrageous club behaviour has been going on for years. The council have obviously been happy to pocket a fortune from young people getting out of their bickies for a week and returning home barely alive.

It is only now, when the world is appalled by what has been taking place for years, that they decide to do something about it.

I won't judge the young men and women who are in these videos - they are drunk, young and being egged on by the club owners.

I will, however, judge the night clubs and town council who encourage it.