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Children's referendum was a mess

THE PEOPLE have spoken. Or some of them, at least. The dismal turnout for the Children's referendum, at 33pc of the electorate, raises serious questions about the manner in which the poll was run.

The final result, a referendum passed by 58pc to 42pc, was far closer than most had predicted.

The poor turnout and result came after the embarrassing debacle over the Government's misspend of €1.1m on its Yes campaign.

Overall then, the Children's Referendum was poorly run, carried by a slim margin and saw a huge chunk of taxpayers' cash that was just wasted.

Rest assured that Enda Kenny and his colleagues will think very carefully about how they organise their next referendum ballot.

The low turnout on Saturday is indicative of the lack of interest, or simple confusion, many people felt.

Whatever the subject of the next vote, the Government will have to explain it better than it did on this occasion.