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Child benefit cut will hurt 'coping class'

THE proposed slashing of child benefit payments is yet another attack on middle-income families. Couples struggling to pay bills and extra taxes will be alarmed at the latest proposals in a report commissioned by the Department of Social Protection.

It recommends slashing child benefit payments to €100 per child, with top-up payments for low income households.

Once again, the 'coping classes' are getting it in the neck.

The current system pays a couple with three children €448 child benefit.

The new system will reduce their benefit by €148 a month to €300.

Many young couples, many in negative equity, who both work hard to pay mortgages and spiralling bills will be absolutely dismayed to take such a big reduction.

At present, many have absolutely nothing left over after meeting their monthly expenses. The Government must not use such a blunt measure against them.