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Charlie's out of order with his advice on Irish-only staff behind the bar

I'm not sure if well-known Dublin publican, Charlie Chawke, owns any hostelries in Dalkey.

It wouldn't come as a surprise if he did, however, because Charlie and the "heritage town" are kindred spirits.

Just months after Dalkey residents objected to a proposed invasion by UK-based Caffe Nero, suggesting that it would "aggressively distort the nature of other local family businesses", Charlie Chawke has now played the Green Card with gusto.

Revealing an extraordinary Irish-first bias in his front-of-house employment practices, Charlie said: "I believe it is essential to have Irish staff behind the bar, because they have the personality to get on with customers."

Chawke later added that he was employs plenty of "wonderful" non-Irish workers.

Nonetheless, his Irish at the front of the house preference amounts to nothing more than discrimination based on race.


Firstly, his defence that "Irish staff know what is going on in Croke Park or in the rugby, or what is happening around the country" is idiotic.

Do the Irish along know about our rugby team's recent form, or Irish politics?

It's also ironic that Charlie's very own strong-point, the Irish Pub, would be run out of town in places such as the US and Australia if those countries were to take the same parochial view to front-of-house staff.

Imagine if Ireland Inc applied the same logic, and decided that foreign businesses, and foreign people, weren't welcome to work here?

Firstly, we'd be hauled in front of the European Court of Human Rights, and secondly those countries that have embraced Irish emigrants for centuries would start treating them in the same way as we do. With contempt.