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Celeb death hoaxes and dinner snaps aside, Twitter’s still trending with me

It was nearly called Smssy, or Friendstalker. It took three years, two months and one day for the first billion tweets to be sent on the platform.

But eight years later, Twitter has 255 million monthly active users, who send 500 million tweets every day.

If brevity is the soul of wit, the stingy character limit (140) is one of the most useful and frustrating things about my favourite social media site.

The platform's actually a really useful way of helping us finetune our rhetoric.

It's also full of links, pictures, information and wit, as long as you follow great tweeters and unfollow people who clog up your timeline with baby pics (go back to Facebook please) or blurry snaps of their dinner. And that's before we get to the whole area of celebrity death hoaxes.

The hash tag #NowThatchersDead pegged to Margaret Thatcher's death was infamously confused with "now that Cher is dead," leading to Twitter-fuelled rumours.


Kim Kardashian (followers: 21 million) was confused by the trend, tweeting, "Did I just hear that Cher has passed away? Is this real? OMG."

There's been some major - and serious - Twitter fails, too.

Cyberspace is populated by trolls who threaten to rape women and who abuse other Tweeters under the guise of free speech.

The picture of David Cameron on a 'serious' call earlier this year was mortifying and triggered a slew of celebs posting pics of themselves using shampoo bottles and toothpaste as phones , all the while 'looking serious' and 'in command'.

What Irish are worth a follow?

Try Amy Huberman, Maia Dunphy or Marion Keyes or Not The RTE Guide (believe me, the latter will leave you laughing out loud).