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Can't wait for new show with my pal Jen

II'm making a new show for RTE, presented by Jennifer Maguire (left) and Darren Kennedy. It's for young people (18 - 25) who have been unemployed for over 16 months and just can't seem to find employment. We try to get you off the dole and into the workforce. If you, or if you know anyone, who would like to be on this show, please email kate@cocotelevision.ie

Iboys in a band. It just doesn't work. Stereo Kicks are simply too big to be in the X Factor. If I was Louis, I would hold a reverse audition, and announce that three of them are to be kicked out of the band. Cruel? You betchya! But that's reality TV.

I I wrote about Lynda Bellingham's illness some weeks ago. And also about her decision to stop taking her chemotherapy and to be in control of her own death. So to hear that she has passed away makes me feel on the one hand, sad for her family and loved ones.

But on the other hand admiring and proud of her that she had the dignity that she wanted in her final moments.