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Can you be a successful, female star and keep your clothes on? Well, ask Adele

What would you do with €100,000 a day? Because that's how much Adele reportedly earns, every 24 hours.

You know, as in Adele Adkins, she whose second record, 21, knocked the wind out of us back in 2011.

She who won an Oscar for her James Bond tune, Skyfall. She who conquered the music world with just her voice. All that money must be nice.

We're the same age, Adele and I. Both 26 and yet, there she is, her companies taking in close to €70 million between 2011 and 2013, according to weekend reports.

And here I am writing about it (yeah, something went wrong there...on my part, at least).

Indeed, Adele did things her way. The right way, too. The Londoner's demos ended up on MySpace (ah, the good old days) when she was just a teenager, and a British independent record label took it from there. Simple.

Now, after just two albums, she's worth a fortune.

She didn't go down the X Factor route. Real artists generally avoid Simon Cowell's Crumbling Empire of Pop.

We watched over the weekend as a small army of misfits and day dreamers made eejits of themselves, airing their dirty laundry on television and making all manners of freakish noises for Simon, Louis, Cheryl and Scary Spice, none of which actually resembled singing.

These delusional wannabes all crave the big time. The mansions and the moolah. Meanwhile, Adele went to arts college and had originally planned to land a job in A&R. How about that, eh?

A mesmerising talent, with a proper soul voice and a magnificent sense of melody, she doesn't do flashy music videos.


She doesn't have to. She doesn't do relentless photo shoots. And, more importantly, she doesn't make a mockery of feminism (yes, we are looking at you Beyoncé).

See, this is the kind of thing we need to remind the viewers and listeners at home.

You didn't always have to enrol in a televised game show to become a professional singer, and you still don't.

Stick to the tunes and, with a bit of luck, things will happen.

A bit vague, I know, but there's little use in signing up for a season of karaoke on the box. It won't make you a hundred grand a day, for a start. Adele honed her craft and wrote about a relationship that went wrong. She worked on that gorgeous, heart-wrenching vocal of hers for years.

She now joins an elite group of music makers who, when you really think about it, never have to work again. Not if they don't want to.

Apparently, Sting makes a couple of grand a day off of radio play for Every Breath You Take. Paul McCartney has enough money now to feed a small country. The difference here is that Adele is still in her twenties.

Heck, she hasn't yet headlined her own arena tour. It's a remarkable feat, then, to have made such a success out of just two albums (the third album, 25, is due for release soon).

What's more, she has carved out a triumphant singing career while keeping her clothes on. Can we say the same of Rihanna? Not a chance.


As for the aforementioned Beyoncé, well, that one seems to think the entire world revolves around her every move, and it's only a matter of time before her fans tire of the glorified strip routines she calls concerts.

It's a whole other ball game, for sure - Adele never was and never will be a 'pop star', per se.

Instead, she is a rare thing in the entertainment industry: a blazing talent who made it big with a great album. No gimmickry, no messing about.

Just a real singer proving yet again that sometimes, the bells and whistles really are superfluous. All you need is the voice, and a few good songs, too. Adele's got it worked out. And she gets €100,000 a day for her efforts.