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Callinan had to go after his remarks

GARDA COMMISSIONER Martin Callinan was right to resign. The ongoing controversy surrounding the treatment of two garda whistleblowers, and the damage this was causing to the reputation of An Garda Siochana, rendered his position untenable.

Mr Callinan's position was not helped by his refusal to fully withdraw his ill-conceived remark to a Dail committee that the actions of whistleblowers in the force were "disgusting".

The fact that he refused to do so, despite the vindication of Sgt Maurice McCabe and former garda John Wilson, set him on a collision course with Government ministers.

Crucially, it also damaged him in the eyes of the public.

There is no question that Mr Callinan has done An Garda Siochana a great deal of service over a long career.

But he made a serious mistake in regard to the whistleblowers' controversy.

He had to go.