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Boring Blake is a zzz-lister

I I see Blake Lively is on the latest cover of Marie Claire. Her interview is predictably all apple pie and wholesome. She doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs and wants to give something back to Canada. Oh and her favourite curse word is 'gosh'. Gosh, she must be the most boring celebrity in Tinseltown. What happened to A-listers being the worst role models and most fascinating people around?

DI was disgusted to see the backlash against Michelle Obama following her joke at the US Africa Leader's Summit. She quipped "women are smarter than men" and has now has been accused of engaging in a battle of the sexes. It's also been called a "sexist" and "elitist display", as if she was being completely serious. How about taking it for what it really was? A light-hearted dig at men at an almost entirely male dominated conference. Funny bone, anyone?

JIt's no Breaking Bad but I'm looking forward to Love/Hate's return this Autumn. Presumably the cat that was shot will make a re-appearance, given he still has 8 lives left. Hoody? Check. Bottle of fizzy orange? Check. Though not everyone loves it. One blogger said this week "it's our televisual version of Garth Brooks. A huge number of Irish swear it is some magical experience, not to be missed. The rest of us don't get why".