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Bollywood could teach our girls a lesson or two

IRISH girls could learn a thing or two from Bollywood actresses, according to presenter Claire Byrne.

It was a busy summer for the RTE star, who recently got a chance to meet some of the world's most glamorous stars -- and was bowled over by their quest for perfection.

Accompanied by a TV crew, Laois-born Claire travelled to India over the summer to film scenes for an upcoming documentary -- and took in some of the country's renowned Bollywood culture.

"We got to sneak on to the set of a movie that was being shot as well as an Indian version of The Bachelor -- but with a female star.

"She was like a goddess, sitting in jewelled, ornate clothes and her doll-like make-up -- meanwhile, we were all soaking wet after being caught in the rain."

"She was so angelic -- needlessly touched up by the stylists -- I don't even think Hollywood goes to that much effort, it's very different."

Claire arrived in the movie hub of Mumbai in June, to film special coverage ahead of next month's 2011 Entrepreneur of the Year awards with the 24 finalists.

With her Montrose cameramen in tow, the Daily Show host said it was fascinating to experience the behind-the-scenes action, where glamorous stars sat in dreary studios.

"I'm not used to being on a film set, but I have to say, even in the rehearsals they were all so hard-working -- there is so much passion in what they do," she told the Herald.