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Blues have glory within their grasp

AS men, women and children all over the capital and county prepare for what's surely the most anticipated All Ireland in a generation tomorrow, it's great to see so many entering into the spirit of the Croker clash between Kerry and Dublin.

For there are thousands of children and teenagers who have grown up since 1995 loving GAA, but who have never seen Dublin in a final. And for them, as much, if not more, than anyone else, the sight of GAA Headquarters awash with blue for the ultimate play-off will be a thrilling sight.

Housing estates flutter with chequered buntings, and cars sail through the streets with windows draped in scarves and flags.

To see such support must be nothing less than heartwarming, indeed thrilling, for Bryan Cullen and his men. So, c'mon the Blues! Make history for your people. We're behind you all the way.

Up the Dubs!