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Blind Date dumped in favour of 15-year-old Big Brother? It's heartbreaking


Lucy Kennedy

Lucy Kennedy

Lucy Kennedy

It would be easy, to the untrained eye, to believe that TV3 sometimes don't think things through very carefully.

Because it was revealed last weekend that, not for the first time, the station have announced a show with something approaching a fanfare, only for it to be subsequently canned.

Who can fail to remember the excitement when, a couple of years ago, they trumpeted a show called 'Give Adele A Bell', in which Ireland's great entertainer Twink would act as agony aunt to the nation's problems? I had personally drawn up an list of moral dilemmas to pose to Twink, and considered legal action to recover the counselling fees that I instead had to shell out to achieve something approximating to contentment with my life.


And now we find that once again TV3 have gone back on their word, cancelling one of the highlights of last year's autumn schedule launch, a version of Blind Date hosted by Lucy Kennedy.

"Blind Date has been scrapped," a well placed source confirmed. "Lynda McQuaid, the recently appointed director of content) feels the format is outdated and tired, they want to do something fresh," the source told this newspaper.

Of course there is an upside to this, as it's good to see that the new regime in TV3 have decided to stop re-working second-hand shows from other stations, which are long past their sell-by date, and concentrate instead on fresh, innovative TV which more closely mirrors their discerning, modern demographic.

Which is why, in the past month, their headline offerings have been Big Brother (15 years old, and dropped by Channel 4) and the IFTAs (12 years old, and dropped by RTE).

Oh, hang on...