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bikini girl tiffany's in no danger of being typecast – until she actually joins a cast

JIT'S been six months since we last heard from Hollywood star Tiffany Stanley, so I'm delighted that she has updated a newspaper on her latest developments.

When we last left her, Tiffany had returned from a summer in LA, during which time she had been to "a sea of castings, meeting and auditions", which unfortunately don't seem to have led to much work.

Things still seem to be quiet on the employment front, though Tiffany did admit that she is taking acting classes – and not just to improve her on-camera skills.

"We are working to develop my brand at the moment," she revealed.


One direction that Tiffany won't be going in, however, is reality TV, as she revealed that she had turned down a part in a show about people trying to break into showbiz.

"I can't do serious acting and reality TV," said Tiffany. "My agent says I risk being typecast, so I need to be careful."

Nearly a year on, and Tiffany is still appearing in a bikini, talking about wearing bikinis: "It's much easier to be in a bikini in Malibu than it is in chilly Dublin."

If I were you, Tiffany, I'd worry a bit less about getting typecast. And I'd worry a bit more about actually getting cast.