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Big Brother Marc re-brands himself


Marc O'Neill

Marc O'Neill

Marc O'Neill

Former Tallafornia star Marc O'Neill, when leaving the Big Brother house, explained why people dislike him.

"I can see why people were antagonised," he said. "I'm a p****. I'm a c***."

Having had time to reflect on his experience, Marc (right) has recalibrated his opinion of himself and is glad that he was evicted.

"I wanted to redeem myself and I wanted people to not remember me as 'yer man off Tallafornia' like the rest of them idiots!," he said. "I want to be known for me."

So I'm delighted to announce that Marc has been successful in his desire to re-brand himself. No longer will he be known as "that total tit off Tallafornia". Instead, he'll be known as "that brainless b****x off Big Brother".