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Beware of Christmas fire perils

THE FIRE that left a Dublin mum and her family homeless just days before Christmas is certainly a cautionary tale.

Jean Murray and her daughters had a lucky escape when one of their Christmas decorations burst into flames, sparking a blaze that destroyed part of their home.

The Murrays managed to escape to safety, thanks to a working fire alarm they had, but will spend Christmas out of their home as they await repairs.

The Murrays' story is a warning to all families of the dangers of fire in the home during the Christmas season.

This is a time of the year when open fires and candles are lit, which can pose a fire risk in sitting rooms full of cards and wrapping paper. Faulty or old Christmas lights also pose a fire hazard.

All fires and lights should be set and checked by a responsible adult, and all homes should have a fire alarm fitted.