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Best of luck to the Dubs in semi final

PRE-MATCH fever reaches boiling point today as fans look forward to tomorrow's sold-out confrontation between Dublin and Donegal.

And while most fans won't be going through quite the same trouble to see their favourite team as Dubs fan Bernie Game, who is cancelling her operation to see the match, it's clear that the level of sheer devotion will see tens of thousands cancelling various plans and engagements and travelling from all over to watch.

Croker is sold out and some 82,300 fans are set to turn out.

And for those who didn't manage to get tickets, bar stools in every city hostelry as well as armchairs and sofas everywhere, are no doubt being braced for a lot of leaping about on Sunday.

Two-tone blue bunting is flowing from houses all over the capital as Donegal fans also descend on the city with their own flags and banners.

It'll be a great day, of that there is no doubt. Good luck to all the players and here's to a brilliant day's sporting entertainment.