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Beer chain's cheap booze just falls flat





Is it just me, or is the latest announcement by JD Wetherspoon, the UK pub chain currently spreading their own particular brand of cut price cheer in Ireland, stupendously tacky?

The social ills brought by drinking are well known and, one would think that the emphasis should be on making it more expensive, not cheaper.

Also younger drinkers tend to gravitate towards those places where they can drink themselves into a stupor for the smallest cash outlay.

Having already opened premises in Dublin's suburbs, Wetherspoon have now announced plans for their first city centre hostelry on Camden Street.


At a time when homelessness is a burning topic, they seem blind to the crass tone of their announcement, which sees them taking over what was formerly a hostel for the homeless, and turning it into a pub and hotel.

"We are pleased to have acquired this excellent building in the heart of Dublin. Our aim is to build a pub and hotel...we believe both will be assets to the city."

Only in the grubby world of Wetherspoon, where cash registers chiming to the sound of people getting hammered on cut-prize booze is their only concern, could turning a former shelter for the homeless into another pub be considered an "asset".