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Ban 'bossy'? Well, if you say so ladies

Facebook chief Sheryl Sandberg, Beyonce and Victoria Beckham (left) are all campaigning to ban the word "bossy". But isn't it a bit bossy to be telling us which words we should and shouldn't use?

Katy Perry's a feminist now. The singer says she didn't understand the word before, but now she does. The economic, social and political equality of the people regardless of gender? I guess that's a really hard concept to grasp.

I welcome the speech from Ger Brennan (below) after St Vincent's won the All-Ireland Club Championship at Croke Park on St Patrick's Day. He thanked the "girlfriends and boyfriends of the players" for their support during the year. Gay rights campaigner Panti Bliss tweted: "Love the casual inclusivity of this. And not an eyelash was batted. Respect."