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At last, Bratz dolls have seen the light

Glad to see that Bratz dolls makers have finally cottoned on to what the rest of the doll industry realised some time ago - girls want dolls that are more real!

The new Bratz dolls have a more sporty look and the heels have been replaced by trainers and Doc Martens.

If you're a parent looking for a doll that isn't a hyper sexualised, materialistic, shopaholic and want something that represents real girlhood, you now have a choice of the new Bratz, the American Girl doll (inset) and the Irish Lottie doll.

Dolls with skills, that wear glasses and clothes that let you be active. They don't want everything focused on their appearance. Sure, they might like fashion. But that's just one aspect.

These ambitious dolls want to have fun and play and get creative. Exactly what we want our girls to be.