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Aoife Finneran: Graceful Coleen shows the world strength to survive

SHE'S just 24 years old and mired in a crisis that could destroy her marriage, but Coleen Rooney has already displayed class beyond her years.

While most other WAGs would use domestic heartbreak as a timely opportunity to boost their profile, this is one cool customer who simply won't play that game.

Instead, fresh from the lurid allegations about hubby Wayne Rooney's sex life, Coleen is focusing on the people who really matter most -- her family.


More specifically, she has been keeping a close bedside vigil for her 12-year-old adopted sister Rosie who suffers from a severe neurological condition and is currently battling for her life in hospital.

It must be the worst nightmare for Coleen and the McLoughlin family, one which sees them struck with dread at the thought of losing a cherished daughter and sister.

Yet for the outside world, it also sends a very clear message to cheating goon Wayne Rooney -- that his crass antics aren't worth consideration in times of crisis.

Rooney has just cemented his position as a world-class idiot following allegations that he used the services of a hooker while his wife was pregnant. Let's bear in mind that this is no trophy wife, as Colleen has been a devoted girlfriend to Rooney since their school days, long before Premier League football and fame called.

And unlike queen WAG Cheryl Cole, Coleen doesn't feel the need to transmit her every waking thought about her private life to the media. The differences couldn't be more obvious. When Cheryl split from Ashley Cole, she immediately took off to LA with dancer Derek Hough, and kept the public playing a ridiculous guessing game about her wedding ring.

Not so for Coleen Rooney, a woman who hasn't made a secret of her left hand which still features her engagement and wedding rings.

Again, it's a warning call to Rooney that he's in danger of losing a stellar wife. He might be more preoccupied with scoring on and off the pitch, but his young bride has clearly signalled that marriage is more than a scrap of paper to her.

No doubt he's currently trying to work up a valid excuse for the fact that he simply can't keep it in his trousers, but the empty talk will have to wait. His big-hearted wife has firmly shown what's really important in life -- family -- by devoting all of her attentions to her darling sister Rosie.


It's a harrowing time when any young woman would want the love and support of her husband as she waits at the hospital. Yet in Coleen's case, the one man who should be her greatest help is the one who caused all the bother in the first place.

Here's hoping the coming days bring good news for Coleen and her family. God knows, with a world-class idiot like Wayne as an in-law, they could really do with some luck for a change.