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Anything that can buy me more time in warm, snug bed is totally boss

DERMALOGICA The Ultimate Buffing Cloth

15.50 HHHHI

Exfoliate while you wash. This is a mesh cloth that's long enough to reach around your back. It's a little fiddly to start with; once you get used to it, you'll be sloughing off dead skin cells in no time.

LUSH African Paradise Body Conditioner

€24.95 HHHII

This goes on in the shower and can take the place of body crème post-wash. I wasn't convinced I was as moisturised as I would usually be, but I adore the spicy scent. This may work better as a fragrance shortcut!

JULIAN FAREL Vitamin Restore


So-called 'un-shampoos' are the New Big Haircare Thing: lather, don't repeat, and your hair is clean without nasty chemicals. This one works a treat, even on post-exercise hair; it also contains hyaluronic acid which is meant to be youthifying. It is my new fave thing.

IMEDEEN Time Perfetion Skincare Supplement €49.99 HHHHH

Here's an investment in future shortcuts. I have been taking one a-day of these for almost three months and I can totally see the difference, and not just as regards my face. My whole body is glowing, my skin tone has evened out, and I need less body cream to feel silky. Start sooner rather than later, ladies!

VASELINE Spray and Go Body Moisturiser

€4.33 HHHHI

This is super fast: it sprays on and a few rubs later, it is completely absorbed into the skin. It can be a shocking blast of cold, which isn't welcome as we enter December; otherwise, I reach for this regularly because it's really good and fast.

GARNIER BB Cream + Blur

€13.04 HHHHI

This is perfect for when you want a nice, natural look. The blur part minimizes pores and the BB part gives you medium coverage. It is so low in maintenance, and yet so high in beautiful results. Ideal for the hols when you just want to relax and yet look radiant!

If you snooze, you won't lose: below please find beauty regime shortcuts that will gain you a few more moments of precious, precious sleep during these dark mornings.