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Any bias in RTE should be laid bare

THE controversy over the bogus tweet that derailed Sean Gallagher's presidential hopes has raised serious questions about the issue of bias in RTE's political coverage.

Minister Leo Varadkar has now claimed that RTE has a bias towards political parties that are centre-left and have liberal views.

But further questions must be asked about whether there is a Republican bias within the national broadcaster.

Does it go "softer" on Sinn Fein as part of its so-called liberal agenda?

Are the party's TDs and spokespeople given an easier ride than others?

The organisation receives a €200m licence fee subsidy.

Is it providing the balanced and transparent service we expect?

Any bias within RTE must be laid bare. The station's top brass will be publicly quizzed by TDs over the coming weeks and answers need to be provided to these questions.