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Anton Savage: Skinner O'Connor is certain to bring the entertainment factor to Sinn Fein


Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O'Connor

Sinead O’Connor has joined Sinn Fein. Or is in the process of joining, depending on whose version you believe.

This is going to be brilliant. She already made headlines by announcing, as she was signing up to SF, that she had never voted in an election.

Not one to do things by half is our Sinead. Some of us might try a bit of voting. Maybe a canvas or two before signing up to be a card-carrying socialist.

Not Ms O’Connor. Straight to the heart of things for her.

She said that she joined the party in part to “be educated on how ordinary people like her” could help bring about change. It’s great stuff isn’t it?

‘Ordinary people’ like Sinead O’Connor. Who else has to be in the room for Sinead O’Connor to be ordinary? Bono, Andy Warhol, Frank Zappa and Tom Waits?

She then topped it all off by saying that “there’d be a zillion per cent increase in membership of Sinn Fein if the leadership were handed over to those born from 1983/1985 onward”.

In other words (unless my maths is off) she has crowned her announcement of joining Sinn Fein by declaring that pretty much every Sinn Fein TD should step down for the good of the party.

And remember, this is just her signing up. Wait till she gets her feet under the desk a bit. 

Fingers crossed her political commitment lasts a long, entertaining time.


CIA torture is hardly a shock

So, the CIA “misled the White House” and used torture techniques which were both brutal and ineffective.

Anyone surprised? Anyone? We already knew that the Central Intelligence Agency planned assassinations, murders, kidnappings, military coups, spy rings, invasions and assaults. Did we think they were the boy scouts?

The surprising bit is that we helped them. We allowed them to use our airports to transport their victims. This kinda drives a stake through the heart of our neutrality doesn’t it?

We’re neutral when faced with fighting Nazis, but when it comes to facilitating torture we jump right off the fence and help the perpetrator. Maybe it’s time for a national re-think. Whatever your ideological position on neutrality, it’s hard to argue for being both neutral and belligerent; we need to pick one, then stick to it.


I want Pole driver job

A Dutch woman has driven a tractor to the South Pole. Admittedly it was a very fancy tractor, but a tractor nonetheless.

Scott of the Antarctic (right) must be spinning in his grave. He too took tractors. Or rather, he tried (it was a stupid idea then, just like it’s a stupid idea now). They stalled, froze, sank and died.

Luckily he didn’t have to shoot them – that was reserved for the ponies.

Now, a century later, some oddball has cruised over the same terrain in the warmth of a Massey Ferguson – no struggle, no shot ponies, no ‘stepping outside for just a moment’.

Scott’d be sickened. Still, sounds like good craic doesn’t it?

It does beg the question – how do you get that job? How do you find a career wherein you can not only afford a top of the line Massey, but you can fly it to Antarctica, take months off work and cruise around like a happy ice farmer? When I was in school I got loads of info on being an accountant, or a lawyer, but never once did anyone say South Pole tractor pilot.

If they had, my CAO list would have looked very different.